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Calypso Reef Boats

Snorkel & Dive Boats

Calypso Reef Cruises, an Australian owned and operated business enterprise, dedicates time into developing custom-designed vessels which are efficient, safe, comfortable and sturdy.

This ensures that our guests receive the best possible experience on the outer Great Barrier Reef and that our vessels are fuel efficient and meet environmental best practice standards.

Calypso Ten is a 24m catamaran which travels to Agincourt Reef and Opal Reef. Our capacity is 85 guests.

Calypso Blue is a 21m catamaran travels to Opal Reef. Our capacity is 70 guests.

If you are interested in chartering one of our boats, please fill out a form here and one of our staff members will get in touch.

Island boat

A smaller, more fuel efficient vessel, Calypso XI is a 12m motor catamaran carrying only 23 guests to the picturesque coral cay. Recently extended with a top deck, this is a very comfortable vessel for the 30 minute journey to the island.