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Calypso Reef Crew

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Our crew at Calypso Reef Cruises are passionate, experienced and friendly. We pride ourselves on our 5 star reviews from our dive instructors to our reservations staff. We are always here to help and ensure you have a safe and memorable Great Barrier Reef experience.

Rob F Dive Instructor Calypso Reef Cruises
Dive Instructor

Rob F

Since 2015

Rob has been working as a dive instructor on board Calypso since June 2015. Rob is originally from Bristol, England and came to Australia as a backpacker before falling in love with Port Douglas.
5 years on he's thrilled to call Port Douglas & the Great Barrier Reef home, also working on furthering his career as a master 5 & MED 2.
Dave S
Skipper & Engineer

Dave S

Since 2018

Dave has been a skipper & engineer on board Calypso since October 2018. He has worked extensively on the Great Barrier Reef and on reefs all over the world in the past 12 years. Dave has a great passion for the reef and the environment and is a Master Reef Guide. He loves to share his knowledge of the reef and its inhabitants. Dave is also a dive instructor and is passionate about protecting and sharing this amazing underwater world
Lisa M Calypso Reef Cruises Staff
Skipper & Engineer

Lisa M

Since 2008

Lisa first joined the Calypso family in 2008 after completing dive instructors course. After a couple of years on the reef she ventured off to Europe to work 2 seasons in the super yacht industry, but her heart was still at the Great Barrier Reef.
In 2010 after much consideration she completed her master 5 and MED 2, with the help of the team at Calypso she became a skipper and engineer at the company. Throughout her years she has definitely had lots of wonderful memories, met some life long friends and even a couple of ‘interesting’ moments.

'2020 has been such a tough year for all but having one of the best jobs in the world we are definitely some of the lucky ones' - Lisa

Clayoso crew
Dive Instructor

Debra M

Since 2018

Deb has been working with Calypso for about 2 and a half years. Originally from Adelaide, she began her diving career in Thailand as a dive master going on to teach as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. After spending a year in Indonesia managing a dive resort, she made the move to beautiful Port Douglas and now calls it home, living in paradise and doing what she loves!
Snorkel Host

Gus Brunsdon

Growing up here in Port Douglas the reef was like a back yard you could never fully explore, going out on Calypso for the day was my family's way of trying. I am proud to say that I now work as a snorkel host and get the opportunity to explore this world almost everyday as well as take others on the adventure. There is no telling what the next day will bring or what you will see, but I do know one thing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else and I’ll never forget how amazing the great Great Barrier Reef is, or how well I got to experience it at Calypso.
Dive Instructor

Kevin Williams

Originally from Argentina, I moved to Australia in 2018 and did my first diving course in Cairns. After I moved to Indonesia for 1 year and a half to become an instructor.
Came back to Port Douglas in June 2021 when I started working in Calypso .
What I love about my job (or jobby) is that you can show the people a completely different world and you can expect to see different things everyday. My favourite animal is the spotted eagle ray and best sites gone again and advance bommie.
Snorkel Host

Steve Gill

I started with Calypso over 8 years ago with no idea what I was getting myself into! The biggest thing I've learned in that time is a profound love for the ocean and everything in it. As a workspace it is endlessly rewarding; every day is different and there's always something new to be found. Being able to share the reef with others, especially those who didn't think they could enjoy it, is deeply rewarding.
Marine Biologist

Jay Fagan

Jay is our on-board Marine Biologist. Jay’s first visit/dive on the Great Barrier Reef in 2015 is what pursued him into studying marine biology! Jay is passionate about protecting the reef and our marine environments, with a love for sharks in particular.
Jay says the best part about working on the reef is discovering something new each time you go below the surface and learning new things about the reef every day.

Favourite snorkeling site: Halloween
Favourite species: Great Hammerhead
Other hobbies: Basketball

Dive Master and Photographer

Angelina Pilarinos

Angelina has been working as an underwater photographer on board Calypso Reef Cruises since December 2017. Angelina is originally from New York and came to Australia looking to pursue a career as an underwater photographer. After falling in love with the reef and the town of Port Douglas she has stayed and now calls Australia home. The joy and freedom Angelina feels while scuba diving has fueled a career she loves. The best part about working on the reef is the ocean is literally your office, and you never know what you will find!
Favourite Dive Site: Gone Again
Favourite Species: Cuttlefish

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Calypso Reef Cruises is dedicated to ensuring that it provides its customers with the best value, most enjoyable Great Barrier Reef tours in Australia. To achieve this, management and staff are dedicated to excellence in operational management, safety standards and customer service. We pride ourselves on the levels of professionalism and friendliness that our staff delivers on a continual basis. For our visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, we create an unforgettable experience that has minimal impact to the reef environment, is educational and relaxing whilst in a safe and friendly environment