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Dive & Snorkel - Agincourt & Opal Reefs

Snorkel & Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Explore the very outer Great Barrier Reef in style with Calypso.

Embark on a Port Douglas diving adventure and try an introductory dive with our professional PADI dive instructors to view the underwater world like never before. For the experienced divers (certified), join our PADI dive masters as they show you sheer walls of corals, caves and possibly drift dive (if conditions permit). For snorkellers, there is plenty to explore from the surface and guided tours are available.

Made up of four separate reefs that face out to the South Pacific Ocean, Agincourt Reef is regarded as one of the most significant sites of this natural wonder. Here you’ll find rich, diverse coral gardens that help form these protective ocean walls, filled with hard and soft corals as well as the reef’s most iconic species such as sharks, stingrays, turtles, whales*, groupers and cods, maori wrasse and parrotfish.

Why dive with us?

  • Experienced PADI dive masters
  • Small groups
  • All equipment provided
  • Up to 3 dives daily
  • Dive computers
  • On board compressor
  • Underwater photographers

*Whales are typically present on the Great Barrier Reef between June and September. Please note sightings of whales or other marine species is not guaranteed.

Seasonal Rates:

Peak season: 1st April – 26th April | 22nd June – 11th October | 21st December – 17th January 2025

Off peak season: 27th April – 21st June | 12th October – 20th December | 18th January – 31st March 2025

Please note: On days with low passenger numbers or unsuitable weather conditions, it may be necessary to move people between Agincourt and Opal Reefs. On the rare occasions that this occurs we will pick the tour and locations that will provide the best possible outer reef experience. It may not be possible to provide notice prior to travelling.

Pre booked activity: Introductory diving is $99 per person only if pre booked, if booked on the day of travel the price is $119.

Important information for diving:

  • By law, the minimum age to dive is 12 years. Anyone under 18 years will need a parent or guardians permission. We require anyone over the age of 70 to provide a doctor’s clearance to dive.
  • All Scuba Diving is subject to successful completion of an on-board medical questionnaire. Please answer the following questions on your past and present status with a YES or NO. If you are not sure, answer YES. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a Queensland doctor PRIOR to participating in scuba diving. The questionnaire can be downloaded here.
  • Before embarking on your scuba diving adventure in Queensland, please note that there are specific medical requirements unique to our region for certain medical conditions (i.e. asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure or certain medications) these may exclude individuals from diving.  A dive medical obtained outside of Queensland may not meet these standards, potentially hindering your ability to dive with us. For comprehensive guidance on Queensland’s diving code of conduct, we recommend visiting the Work Safe website. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff, who are dedicated to ensuring your dive experience is both safe and enjoyable. Please check when booking or email us with any questions or concerns.
  • Certified Divers must produce their certification card

Book Online

  • Explore up to 3 outer reef sites
  • Luxury large catamaran
  • Latest dive equipment
  • Up to 3 dives daily
  • Guided snorkel tours
  • Intro & Certified Diving start from $75
  • All snorkel gear including lycra suits included
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea included
  • Lunch included
  • Interpretive Reef Talk
  • Children under 12 not permitted to dive
  • Diving is an additional cost from $75
Adult Peak Season
Off Peak Season

Child Peak Season
Off Peak Season
4 - 14 Years
0 - 3 Years

Intro Dive
Save $20 when pre booking

Certified Dive
Additional dives available



  •  7:00am to 8:20am
    • Checkin – Free parking is available if making your own way to Crystalbrook Marina Port Douglas. Transfers are available for a small fee, although have limited capacity from Port Douglas accommodation.
      Upon arrival, checkin directly at the Calypso vessel at 8:20am
  • 8:20am to 8:45am
    • Boarding Commences – Arrive before 8:20am at the Crystalbrook Marina, Port Douglas. As the Calypso crew welcome you aboard you will be fitted out with your own snorkelling equipment before relaxing with light refreshments.
  • 8.45am to 10:10am
    • Cruise Time – It is time to sit back and relax while we travel to our first site. If you are participating in a dive your dive guide will take this opportunity to brief you on your dive.
  • 10:20am to 11:15am
    • First Snorkelling Site – Divers are briefed, enter water while snorkellers enjoy an informative talk on how to snorkel safely. After snorkelling/diving at the first site morning tea is served.
  • 11:50am to 1:50pm
    • Second Snorkelling Site – We travel to our second breathtaking site (for diving and snorkelling) where a guided snorkelling tour is available before a tropical buffet lunch is served. After all that scrumptious food you can partake in a reef interpretive chat by one of our friendly crew.
  • 1:50pm to 3:10pm
    • Third Snorkelling Site – A short trip to our final site for another snorkelling and diving opportunity before enjoying afternoon tea.
  • 3:10pm to 4:30pm
    • Cruise Home – Returning at approximately 4:30pm.
  • 4:30pm to 6:00pm
    • Transfers – Transfers back to your accommodation (if pre booked)


What is the difference between Opal and Agincourt Reefs?

Both Opal & Agincourt Reefs offer spectacular snorkelling and diving locations. Opal Reef, a very sheltered reef system enables the delicate and colourful marine life to come out and play such as pipe fish, Christmas tree worms, turtles, lionfish, Wobbegongs, etc.

Agincourt Reef is surrounded by deeper water with currents enticing schools of pelagic fish such as mackerel and trevally. The reef drops down into the deep water creating amazing walls of coral with a variety of interesting marine life. Our dedicated snorkelling vessel visits Opal Reef because its a shallow reef providing snorkellers with some of the best coral and variety of marine life found on the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas.

Opal Reef is a highly protected reef system only allowing vessels with less than 100 passengers access. Opal Reef provides vessels with protection from stronger southeasterly winds. Agincourt Reef is a deeper reef system ideal for diving. Snorkellers are catered for as it provides spectacular views from the surface. Agincourt Reef provides little protection from ocean swells and currents which may result in our divers and snorkellers visiting Opal Reef where there is more protection.

Calypso will ensure guests receive the best possible experience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Will I see a turtle? A shark? What will I see?

The Great Barrier Reef contains thousands of different species of marine life. We cannot guarantee what marine life you will see on your day of travel, however there will be many different species of fish, coral and molluscs.

Giant green sea turtles are found around the Great Barrier Reef and are frequently sighted at Low Isles. Reef sharks are quite common and a wonderful sight to see.

How long does it take to get to the reef?

Calypso takes approximately 90 minutes to travel to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Our vessels cruise at a very comfortable 18 – 20 knots while travelling to Opal Reef and approximately 22 knots when travelling to Agincourt Reef.

What do I need to bring? Do you supply towels?

Please bring along swimmers, towel, sunscreen, hat, sea sickness tablets (if required), sunglasses, a change of clothes (there are fresh water showers on board) and cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard or EFTPOS) for any on board purchases. We do not provide towels for guests, however please ask your accommodation provider who will supply beach towels for you.

What if it rains? Does the tour get cancelled?

Operating in the Wet Tropics, we expect rain mainly during the summer months. However, it can rain all year round. Rain doesn’t affect our day to day operations to the Great Barrier Reef. We do not cancel tours due to rain as it does not affect the quality of the reef.

What are stingers? When are they around?

Stingers are a generalised term for jellyfish. During the summer months (November through to May), marine stingers, Irukandjis and box jellyfish, are present in the waters off the coast of Tropical North Queensland.

All Calypso vessels are equipped with lycra suits (free of charge) during these summer months. As well as a precaution, lycra suits have other benefits such as sun protection and also reducing the amount of sunscreen in the water.

Will I get seasick? Do you offer medication onboard?

You are not alone if you suffer from sea sickness. All Calypso vessels are wide-bodied catamarans for stability and have the advantage of cutting through the waves instead of riding the swell. Vessels do encounter some form of movement no matter what the conditions so prevention is best.

Two types of medication are offered on board our vessels. Ginger tablets are provided free of charge to passengers who prefer a natural option and are good for pregnant women. The other form of sea sickness medication is called Travacalm and costs $3 for 2 tablets. Please see the crew on board. If you know you suffer from sea sickness, its best to see a pharmacist prior to your trip to the reef and take tablets 30mins before departure

I am pregnant, can I still go to the reef?

Yes, you can travel to the reef. Snorkelling is low impact and a non strenuous activity great for pregnant women. Flotation devices are perfect for extra buoyancy and gentle kicking will provide enough propulsion for you to get around and explore the reef.

The lunch provided on board is a cold buffet which includes a selection of meats, salads, Mediterranean vegetables, breads and condiments. There is plenty of choice for pregnant women even without eating the cold meats. Medicated sea sickness tablets cannot be taken but Ginger tablets are safe for pregnant women to take and are free onboard. If in doubt, see a pharmacist.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Most dietary requirements can be catered for, such as: coeliac, vegans, lactose intolerance and other allergies. Please call or email us 24 hours prior to your departure so we can have your preference prepared. Vegetarians have a great selection, just avoid the meat platters. All meats are supplied in separate containers. If in doubt please contact us on +61 7 4099 6999.

I have more questions about diving

Click here to find out more about our dive options and specific FAQs for diving

Calypso is absolutely by far the better one to do, in terms of longer reef time for snorkeling and swimming, plus excellent overall value for money. Also, it was much nicer to be on a boat with smaller numbers. The Calypso diving instructor, Lachie P was great, extremely professional and importantly took the time to explain everything and ensure they were safe in the water at all times.

Connie Wvia Tripadvisor

We had a great time on the outer reef cruise. Excellent dive sites; great talk about the sites and very efficient timing. Saw dolphins; giant clams; little sharks and heaps or marine life. Great value and excellent customer service.

Customervia Tripadvisor

Our introductory dive instructor was Pam she was amazing and had us laughing all day long. I highly recommend her. It was all smiles and laughs all day. Each dive was amazing and she even took the time to show us and explain different thing as much as you can underwater . Thank you for day we will never forget and we will be back.

TeeJayvia Tripadvisor

Excellent, fun day on the reef with a caring, professional team. Highly recommended. Our son did two intro dives with Pam, a brilliant instructor and is now hooked. Great sites visited. Kind, friendly team who kept everyone safe and happy. We will use Calypso again!

Customervia Tripadvisor

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